Install and download HP Printer driver software for HP printer setup. Before you scanning a documents into your devices with a 123.hp.com/setup scanner, you need to install the printer scanner driver so that your Printer scanner and devices can communicate. Start by connecting the printer setup scanner to your devices with USB port.

Download HP drivers or software using 123.hp.com/setup

  1. Firstly, Start out that the HP printer box along with also your computer/Laptop.
  2. Then, open up your own browser and then see 123.hp.com/setup.
  3. Now, Input H-P Printer version number from the room supplied.
  4. After that, Choose the printer driver first is “Home”and second is “Business”.
  5. Then click on the “download” option.
  6. Visit the downloaded folder and then execute on the applications document.

What are the Steps to Install HP Printer Software ?

Install the hp printer driver by following the mentioned below steps :

  1. Turn on your hp printer and connect the printer. Turn the device on.
  2. Open up your preferred browser
  3. Go to 123.hp.com/setup and click the ‘enter’ key.
  4. Enter your hp printer model number on the search box.
  5. Click the download button below the product name.
  6. After that, run the downloaded file
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. The wizard will now ask you to choose your connection type.
  9. You can select USB or wifi mode.
  10. Finally, you can complete the 123 hp printer setup drivers and software installation.

123 HP Printer Wireless Setup

Setup your wireless hp printer driver using the given below steps:

  1. On your printer touch wireless button
  2. Now press Settings on-screen of the printer.
  3. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard option and select Yes.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. Printer will detect the available networks of the router.
  6. Select your router from the list.
  7. Enter the password of the network to connect.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions
  9. Confirm the wireless network connection.

How To Fix HP Slow Printing Issue?

The print can change depending on configuration of the device, print mode, complexity of the document, software, type of paper used and connectivity. The speed of processing has no connection with the speed of printing. This may be because of the weak network.

Troubleshooting Printer Setup

Attempt to connect the printer to the machine after downloading the system driver and software from printersetup if there is any trouble following the steps,

  • The list of printers and other devices connected to the same network will be displayed initially in the machine after downloading the system driver and software.
  • Instead, select the name of your printer in the printers linked to the network mentioned below. If your printer is not linked pressing the Printer choice in the list will not be displayed. Then choose the communication type that links your printer to a wireless network device, Ethernet cable, or USB cable.
  • The machine will attempt to communicate with the printer once again when choosing wireless network.
  • The machine will prompt attaching a USB cable to the printer and device for a temporary period. Now connect the cable’s square end to the printer, and the flat end to the device.
  • Next the device must attempt to install the software and the drivers. Then, extracts and launches the script. Now follow the following steps to complete the setup process, prompted on the computer.
  • Eventually, the wireless network hardware will now be mounted in printer setup. Remove the USB cable once the device has been successfully installed.